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GV Prakash's bold statement regarding Anita's suicide

Music director turned actor is now a full-time social activist as well. Any social issue you name it, he is among the first persons to raise his voice. Similarly, he has given an honest and bold statement regarding the Anita-NEET controversy.

"கழிப்பறை கூட இல்லாத வீட்டில் மருத்துவ கனவோடு பிறந்த அனிதா - இன்று இல்லை.... நீட் தேர்வால் உயிரிழந்த அனிதாவின் மரணம் அதிகாரமும், சட்டமும் சேர்ந்து செய்த படுகொலை".

A vivid English translation of GV's message is here, "Anita comes from a low-income family which does not even have the basic sanitation facility but still dreamt of becoming a doctor. It is the Government and its law that has jointly killed Anita".

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GV Prakash's bold statement regarding Anita's suicide

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