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Google’s free navigation app, Waze might feature Morgan Freeman’s voice

Our lives have become extremely applications (app) dependent of late. To an extent where we can start calling ourselves app beings instead of social beings. Reports suggest that, Google’s free navigation app, Waze will start featuring Morgan Freeman’s voice. Comedian Kevin Hart’s voice was the first celebrity voice to be adapted by this app in 2013. Such upgradations make it more interesting for the users.

While thinking on these lines, which Indian celebrity’s voice can make to an international app like this? Our first two choices are Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Haasan. Two main reasons justify our choice.

1. The uniqueness in their voice is undeniable. For the same reason many filmmakers have sought for their services to render a voice over narrations for their films. You simply don’t need a credit slide or an indication saying, “This is Big B or Ulaganayagan speaking”

2. They maintain purity in their accent. To be specific, their English can easily fit into an international medium for the clarity and authenticity they hold while voicing the language.

Do you have other choices? Let us know.


Google’s free navigation app, Waze might feature Morgan Freeman’s voice

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