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Girl kidnaps her boyfriend before his wedding

Although there are two different views on the extent of cinema’s influence on the common man, one can never deny its role in seeding thoughts in the gullible minds.


We have seen quite a few films wherein the hero kidnaps his lover (heroine) just before her wedding to a different person, in most cases, to a boy who has been selected by her parents. There may also be a few instances on reel when a heroine did this, but they may be far and few between.


In Uttar Pradesh, a young girl miffed by her lover abandoning her to marry a girl of his parent’s choice, came into the wedding hall and kidnapped the bridegroom at gunpoint on the 15th May. She had apparently come with two men, entered the wedding hall, threatened everybody, took the boy with her and went away in a waiting car. The girl and the kidnapped boy Ashok Yadav were colleagues and fell in love with each other. But the boy chickened out, left her and was about to get married to a different girl.


Are movies giving ideas to people or is it the woman power?