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Gautham Menon talks about the change that he is looking for in Tamil films

Here is the complete speech of Gautham Menon during the success meet held by the newly appointed office bearers of Producer Council.

After thanking everyone who was instrumental in their success, Gautham Menon remembered a famous dialogue, “ ‘Engalukkum kaalam Varum.. Kaalam Vandhaal Vaazhvu Varum.. Vaazhvu Vandhaal Anaivaraiyum Vaazha Vaipomey’ (One day we will flourish, and when we do, we will make sure everyone else prospers as well.”


He added, “Not just Tamil cinema, we will strive to take cinema as a whole to a good position. I believe we will be able to do that. ‘Vaazhvu Vandhaal Anaivaraiyum Sagadipomey’ (When we flourish, we will stop others from flourishing)." It must be noted that he had used this dialogue in one of his films Yennai Arindhaal.

Further, he adds "That is how the industry had been working till now. That should change, that will change from today. Everyone should come together and work as one. That is what I have been saying right from the beginning. Everyone keeps asking me, aren’t you new to these elections and stuff? No, I have seen enough, and I have jumped into this post with a large degree of satisfaction. I am looking forward to work in this for 2 years at least. Thank you so much”.

Gautham Menon talks about the change that he is looking for in Tamil films

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