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Abhaya Hiranmayi is a playback singer who has sung songs in Malayalam and Telugu.. The singer was rumoured to be in a relationship with music director Gopi Sundar of Bangalore days, Geetha Govindam fame for a long time.

Famous Singer declares relationship with Popular Music Director in fb post

On the occasion of Valentine’s day, the singer Abhaya Hiranmayi poster on her facebook page about her relationship. In the post she has said that she had been in relationship with Gopi Sundar and been living together with him for 8 years now.

She has stated that he is a married guy who is legally trapped in a marriage and also that she has not been married to anyone. The couple have an age difference of 12 years.

She has said that she is tired of running away and can’t be scared anymore and people can judge her as a ‘family tarnisher’. This bold move of the singer has created a great buzz over the internet.