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August 8th, Thala fans are waiting to witness Ajith’s one of the most iconic roles in Nerkonda Paarvaai that is all set to hit this week. The film features Vidya Balan, Shraddha Srinath, Andrea Tariang, Abhirami Venkatachalam, Adhik Ravichandran, Aswin Rao, Arjun Chidambaram, Rangaraj Pandey and others playing crucial supporting roles.

Exclusive Vidya Balan interview for Ajith's Nerkonda Parvai

Directed by H.Vinoth, the film is bankrolled by Boney Kapoor under the banner Bayview Projects LLP and the world premiere of the film took place yesterday, August 6 at Singapore. Meanwhile, we got in touch with actress Vidya Balan who plays the role of Ajith’s wife named Kalyani and she has revealed some interesting details about Ajith, the producer, the director from the sets and her further plans in Kollywood.

What according to you is the difference between Tamil and Hindi film industry?

“Difference between Tamil and Hindi films (laughs)… I don’t know really. Films are films. I think all the same at one level, everyone’s passionately working towards this one thing – eating, sleeping, breathing the same thing for months. I don’t think I felt any sort of difference between Tamil and Hindi films honestly. If at all I would say, it was very relaxed - that could also be because I was only there for a few days. I don’t know but I didn’t find much of a difference in the working styles honestly.”

How was the experience working with Ajith?

“Ajith and I discussed ways of working, hobbies, our journeys, our families. It was very nice just talking about various things. He was so easy to talk to.” “Working with Thala Ajith was wonderful. I know what a huge star he is! That huge with you 10 times over and yet he was so down-to-earth, he was so lovely to work with. It amazed me that someone who is so popular does not wear it on his sleeve, he is so humble about it. It was wonderful to see.”

It seems that there are some solid romance scenes in the movie, do share us about those scenes.

“There is a solid romance between the couple. I think there is great love, understanding, support, naughtiness. I love it. I am a very romantic person. And, I don’t get to do romantic songs very often. But 'Agalaathey' song captures the togetherness between this couple so beautifully which is rare to see even in romantic songs. Just the song itself, Oh My God, the way it’s been written, the way it’s been sung and the way Brindha (choreographer) akka came up with those moments. Like I said togetherness has been captured beautifully.”

Other than films, What kind of things you and Ajith discussed?

“We also talked about how important this film was I remember that very clearly. He has a daughter, I have a niece and a nephew and this film is as much as for girls as it is for boys. So, we spoke about all these things.”

Any plans of continuing acting in Tamil? The Tamil audiences would love to see you often in Tamil films!

“Want to do more films in Tamil but you will have to bear with my Tamil for that to begin with because we speak Pallakad-Tamil at home and that is very different from the kind of Tamil that is spoken in films. But besides that, I don’t have any plans and if I am offered something interesting, of course, I’ll do it happily. I think my parents are very happy that I am doing a Tamil film. So, I have done a special appearance in a Malayalam film. I have done a Telugu film which released in two parts. And now a Tamil film, and it’s quite ironic because I actually started in Malayalam cinema and it didn’t work out for me there and that is the only language film that I haven’t done from the South yet. But who knows, maybe someday.”

It is a known fact that Ajith cooks for everyone on sets, what did he cook this time for you and others on the sets?

“We didn’t have the time for Ajith to cook on the sets but I have heard about how he cooks for the entire set and he cooks very well. So, maybe we need to do another film together so I can taste his cooking.”

Tell us something about director H.Vinoth? Is it the first time that you are working with such a calm director?

No, I have worked with very calm directors. And I am always amazed because the directors are really someone who is got so much pressure on him or her. There is so much to look into. The way the story is coming together, the way the characters are coming through in every shot and the frames - they have to take decisions at every single point of time. But what amazed me about director Vinoth was that he is the quietest director. And yet, if there was something that he needed to convey, he would convey it as clearly as possible with no confusions. Even though it was very short, I enjoyed being directed by Vinoth. There was an instant comfort level. He was very easy to talk to.”

You would have been approached earlier with several offers from Tamil, what made you choose Nerkonda Paarvai?

“So, I had other offers from Tamil cinema but either I wasn’t excited enough about the script or the role or it just didn’t work out. Nerkonda Paarvai is a film that’s very relevant. It is a remake of a very successful Hindi film called Pink and I thought it was a very powerful film. The most important reason for me was the fact that Boney Ji was producing it. He said that it’s a special role and asked - Will you do it? - and even before I heard the role, I said Yeah, off course I’ll do it. And then he told me that Ajith is doing the film, I was excited because that is really the icing on the cake. Most importantly, I think it has a very important message. And I am glad, it’s been made in Tamil and will be watched by people who haven’t seen the Hindi film or even if they have seen the Hindi film, this message can’t be repeated enough number of times. Because it is extremely important today to know that the choice lies with the girl and when a girl says no it means no!”

Behindwoods wishes Vidya Balan, all success for her Tamil debut with Nerkonda Paarvai.