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EVP film city has been the studio for many films in India. It has been associated with the entertainment industry for over a long time now.. They have now opened EVP Carnival Cinemas, a multiplex with 6 cinema screens in Chembarambakkam, Chennai.

EVP carnival cinemas, a new multiplex with 6 screens in Chembarambakkam, Chennai

It is said to be an iconic multiplex and each of the 6 screens will have 4K Digital projection. The screens also have high luminosity 3D screen and Dolby Atmos. The multiplex comes with a delicious cuisine and an open cafe.

The screenings in this multiplex is set to begin on February 7. The range and number of multiplex are on an increase recently mainly because people need entertainment to keep them off their bus schedule free for sometime and most of their go to solution is movies. As long as good movies are made and entertain audiences, this industry will keep seeing its growth.