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Editor Ruben talks about Ajith's Viswasam trailer release plans

Thala Ajith's Viswasam is getting ready to hit the screens on January 10th, alongside Superstar Rajinikanth's Petta. The fans are all excited to catch Thala on the big screen and the power packed trailer has indeed increased the expectations for the film among the audience.

In his recent exclusive interview with Behindwoods, editor Ruben shared that the team of Viswasam got confused with one of his tweets and thought that the film's trailer had leaked.

"I finished the trailer cut around 20th December, but since both, Viswasam and Petta are big films, both the ones need space and time. We wanted to release Viswasam's trailer on December 25 for Christmas, but there was an anticipation that Petta trailer is expected on the same day. We didn't want the clash and decided to wait. But then, Petta trailer didn't release for Christmas and it came out, two or three days later. So once they were done with their trailer release, we started with the announcement of Viswasam.

The fans were already waiting for an update and we decided not to delay any more. It was high time that we should make an announcement and release the trailer, because the film is supposed to release in another 2 weeks time. I was told that the trailer announcement will be made that evening. So, before the official announcement from the producers, I put a picture of the title card from the trailer and put an update on Twitter. That screenshot became instantly viral and the team (Viswasam) got freaked out.

They were initially confused if the trailer had got leaked and were angry with me. Director (Siva) called me and asked me about it. I just told him that I am preparing the audience for the trailer. I have a separate small set of following for my trailer and usually before my teaser or trailer's release, I release a screenshot from the video and put it on social media. I make them ready for the trailer a few hours before its release, and it has been my personal sentiment.

Also, it was my personal contribution and promotion to the film without any loss. With that update, the term Kola Mass got viral and the fans made it a trending hashtag on social media. The announcement was officially made that night and the trailer got released the next day. You know the response of the trailer after its release.", said Ruben.

The trailer of Viswasam is inching closely towards 20 Million views on YouTube and has crossed over 1.3 million likes. For more exciting information on Viswasam, catch the full video interview here: