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After the 2014 film Pazhaya Vannarapettai, director Mohan G has teamed up with actor Richard Rishi for Draupathi. Released on February 28, Draupathi stars 'To Let' actress Sheela, Lena, Karunas amongst others in important roles.

Draupathi opening weekend collections here ft. Mohan G

Since its release, Draupathi has registered a decent opening at the box office, grossing 2.76 crore rupees at the opening day in theatres across Tamil Nadu. Now, our close sources have informed us that the film has garnered a total of 7.21 crores at the TN box office. Here is the breakdown of the revenue collected from various areas of the state:

  • City - Rs 55 Lakhs
  • Chengalpet- Rs 1.20 Crores
  • CBE (Coimbatore) - Rs 1 Crore
  • Salem - Rs 90 Lakhs
  • TT (Trichy, Thanjavur)- Rs 90 Lakhs
  • MR (Madurai, Ramanathapuram) - Rs 70 Lakhs
  • North & south Arcot - Rs 1.56 Crores
  • TK (Thootukudi, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari) - Rs 40 Lakhs

Produced through a crowd funding project organised by the director's GM Film Corporation, Draupathi is shot by Manoj Narayanan while Devaraj S. handles the editing department. 


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