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Director Usha Krishnan on the positive feedback for her film Raja Mandhiri

Raja Mandhiri is the maiden directorial of Usha Krishnan and the film hit the screens on the 24th June. The film features Kalaiarasan and Kaali Venkat in lead roles. Raja Mandhiri has been getting positive responses all over and we talked to director Usha.

“Although I expected the film to be liked by all, I did not expect everyone to get connected with the movie like this. People who are known to me may say nice things so as to be polite. But when I saw the film in theatres, audiences clapped at the places where I wanted them to and remained silent where I had desired them to. In my opinion, I would call this as the real success.

Reviews have been uniformly positive be it the print or the online media. This was much energizing to me. I am very happy. People who I had worked in the past, somehow managed to search for my number to call and congratulate me. Suseenthiran sir, Ranjith sir and Chimbu Deven sir wished me. I think screens are being increased for my film.  .

Producers have been asking me to do a film for them. I am working on a story and I would take some time to complete it. It is not a village based subject but an emotion centric one. When the audience watches a film, there has to be a magic which I believe lies in the rooting for the characters on screen despite knowing the fact, it is fictional. I would strive to bring that in my story”

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Director Usha Krishnan on the positive feedback for her film Raja Mandhiri

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