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Director Shankar talks about 4D SRL

A new 2.0 teaser was played at Sathyam Cinemas during the trailer launch. The teaser was screened with 4D SRL sound technology. This is the first time this sound technology has been introduced in India.

Speaking at the function, Shankar spoke about this 4D Sound:

"When I created the story of 2.0, just like how I wanted the 3D effect to bring out the best visuals for my script, I also wanted the 4D sound to get the best possible sound for my film when I wrote the script 4 years back.

While watching a movie in a theatre, you would have seen speakers on both the sides of you or even above you. But when it comes to 4D sound, you will find speakers under your seat.

I request the exhibitors to make all your theatres compatible to screen 3D movies and also encourage this new sound called 4D. Because only when you watch 2.0 in 3D in a theatre that supports 4D sound technology, you can enjoy the movie to the fullest."

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