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‘Prathi Poovan Kozhi’ is the new movie directed by Rosshan Andrews in which Manju Warrier plays the key role. Rosshan is teaming up with Manju after five years. Earlier, they had worked for ‘How Old Are You’, which happened to be Manju’s comeback movie. The first look poster of ‘Prathi Poovan Kozhi’ was released on November 20 by Mohanlal.

Director makes clarification of his next with Manju Warrier

Now, Rosshan has come up with an important clarification about ‘Prathi Poovan Kozhi’. It was earlier reported that ‘Prathi Poovan Kozhi’ is based on writer Unni R’s novel with the same name. But, Rosshan shared the exact details about the movie and how the title of Unni’s novel was taken for a different story.

In a Facebook post, Rosshan said that, he heard about the story of ‘Prathi Poovan Kozhi’, while he was in talks with Unni R for a different movie. But after hearing the story, he was very much impressed and decided that, it will be his next movie. But since, he had some commitments, he didn’t reveal this to Unni. Later, when he narrated the story to his wife, she told him that he should do this movie next as she liked it very much.

Rosshan was quick enough to ring Unni and inform about his decision. But, they didn’t have a title for the movie. Later, Rosshan asked Unni, if he can use the name of ‘Prathi Poovan Kozhi’ (a novel written by the writer) as the title of their new film. Unni was little skeptical about it, as he worried if they were confusing the readers (of the novel). But Rosshan assured Unni that he will reveal the details, before the release of the movie.

‘Prathi Poovan Kozhi’ will hit screens on December 20 as Christmas release. The screenplay is written by Unni R and the movie is produced by Gokulam Movies. The first look poster of the movie with Manju Warrier in a serious look has received good response in the social media.

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