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Director Cheran's angry letter to Vishal on contesting in Producers Council Election

Director Cheran has written a 7-page letter in Tamil to Vishal about him contesting in the Producers Council Election. Here we present you a translated excerpt from that letter.

Dear Vishal, what happened to you? You were doing good in the beginning, but what happened now? Do you have any idea about what you’re talking?

Just one post- President of Nadigar Sangam. You have taken it to your head and things are out of control. As a result, you are now contesting in Producers Council Election. You became the President of a union which has only 3000 people. Even for that small number, how much hard work did J.K.Ritheesh put, to make you guys win? Can we ask Ritheesh to come out and speak about it? Fine, what did you do after coming to power? Apart from giving Pongal and Diwali special bonus, is there any other good thing that you did for the members?

Is there any one good film of yours, which educated or created awareness among the audience? In all these years, you have been just dancing for dappankuthu numbers and taking advantage of audience’s intelligence. In that way, what right do you have, to question about Tamil Nadu politics? This is a rare disease that you’ve got. It is good for you to consult a doctor.

You say that you’d buy half a ground of land for all the members of the Producers Council if you win the elections. Have you ever thought of doing the same in these one and half years, for the members of Nadigar Sangam? Instead, you expelled 300 innocent actors from the Sangam, who believed and voted for you.You haven’t even started the ground work for the Nadigar Sangam building construction. 

Do you know what the current state of the producer, who introduced you is in? He is seen nowhere now. You had promised to settle him an amount of Rs.45 lakhs. What happened to that? Even after earning crores and crores of salary, do you still find it difficult to give him the money? If this is the case, how will you take care of the entire union? You request votes from small time producers. Ok, but have you ever worked in at least one film with one such a small time producer? Why are you going to them now alone? There is not even one soul to cheer for you in your movie’s first show. However, you get the salary in crores. Had you been quite reasonable in fixing your salary, many producers would’ve been in a good position now.

Amidst all this, you give a statement that you will come for Kamal sir if he faces any problem. I just want to ask you. Where were you when the whole Vishwaroopam issue was at its peak? Weren’t you concerned about Kamal sir then? Even if he faces any problem in the future, there are a numerous number of fans all over the world for him, who will stand by him and lend their support.

If you had lent your support to me for the C2H scheme, it would’ve been a boon for many small producers. Many unreleased films, would have seen the limelight and released, including your film MGR. You are just addicted to leadership. Whatever happens, you want your name to be on the top, as the leader or president. That is why, even now, you are contesting in the Producers Council election.

Do you know something? I am going to do a film now. Even after knowing my current financial status and other problems, there was one good hearted soul who invited me to narrate the story and agreed to do the film. It is none other than Vijay Sethupathi. Yes, I am going to do a movie with him. I can thank him countless times, for his basic humanity to help a person, who is undergoing many problems. Our film will come, very soon. You do not have to worry about us.

Whatever I talk now, it will not make you realize what you are doing. It will not make sense to you. You are not in a position or place to understand that. I am just more worried about the plight of we Tamilians, who have to witness all your stupidity".

With Respect,

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Director Cheran's angry letter to Vishal on contesting in Producers Council Election

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