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At a recent press meet, actor, screenwriter and director Ameer spoke about the recent Income Tax proceedings against actor Vijay, Rajinikanth's support for Citizenship Amendment Act.

Director Ameer's on Vijay's I.T raid, Rajinikanth and Arjun Sampath

Ameer said that one cannot question the actions of the Income Tax Department, but he ponders whether the actions are based on any evidence of violation from the actor's side remains a question "The investigation shouldn't be carried for the purpose of threatening or vendetta. Because previously, such proceedings were carried out against the actor for political reasons."

"Moreover, the act of protesting in the shooting location of Master was of poor taste. But the way Vijay handled the protests was very mature of him. Had he decided, he could've used his fans for protection. I appreciate his maturity." Ameer also felt that any actor is free to express his political views.

"When it comes to the Central Government, especially in Tamil Nadu, they are trying to create a strong political base by keeping Rajinikanth at the forefront. They feel that Vijay will prove to be a strong opposition for him and the income tax proceedings are carried out against him as they fear setbacks."

The 'Vada Chennai' actor also condemned Hindu Makkal Katchi chief Arjun Sampath for allegedly referring to Vijay as a 'fraud'. He said "It is highly condemnable. Vijay has reached this position through his hard work. Firstly, it is wrong to even give permission to air such speeches." 

"It is the I.T department's responsibility to check for any wrongdoing. How can he (Arjun Sampath) come to such conclusions. These actions are condemnable and such threats can only lead to Vijay's rise and won't be a setback."

Regarding Superstar Rajinikanth's support for Citizenship Amendment Act, Ameer felt that he was disappointed by the former's actions. "I only see this as the Central Government's strategic move with Rajinikanth at the forefront. It makes me sad when the actor has said that in an attempt to weaken the protests against this act. Especially when a senior artist of forty years experience saying that students shouldn't fall for external voices, I wonder what his understanding about students is." The actor added that students are more politically aware that they used to be. 

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