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Did you know Vikram was part of Bigg Boss season 8?

With Kamal Haasan anchoring the Tamil version of Bigg Boss, the local audience has got a hang of how this reality show works now. But the concept of Bigg Boss is not something new as we have had over 10 seasons of Bigg Boss in Hindi till date.

Most of us know that but how many of us know that our Chiyaan Vikram was part of one of the episodes in the 8th edition of Bigg Boss Hindi? He attended the show hosted by Salman Khan as part of the promotional campaign for his film ‘I’. Though Vikram preferred to speak in English, he made Salman Khan speak a few words in Tamil.

Will a similar concept be implemented in Tamil as well? Will any top film star be sent into the Bigg Boss house to promote their films? We will have to wait and see.

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Did you know Vikram was part of Bigg Boss season 8?

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