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An angry Dhruv Vikram barging into the operation theatre of a hospital, taunting an opposition team member in a football match, a professor complaining about his anger management issues - all these suggest that Adithya Varma (The titular character played by Dhruv) is a person with poor temperament. 

Dhruv Vikram's Adithya Varma movie teaser review

While the Hindi and Telugu promotional videos of had a lot of romantic scenes in them, Gireesaaya chooses to place the spotlight on our hero for most of the shots. To be precise, there are only two shots that show us Banita Sandhu, and one for Priya Anand (that you'll almost miss). But the role of a teaser is to hype the film, and Dhruv's portions do more than that. 

Another interesting way in which this differs from the other language teasers is the length. At 1 minute and 18 seconds, the teaser is not long, but makes you want more. A part of the credit goes to editor Vivek Harshan. The cuts are racy, crisp. 

Radhan's music is thumping and stands out throughtout. We've to wait to see if the teaser score translates to the film as well, because it's terriifc. Especially the Adith-V hook going on in the background is complete rage. Gireesaaya has indeed got it right with this one. An in-form Adithya Varma err... Dhruv Vikram has presented his father with a fantastic birthday gift.