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Not all mothers in Kollywood conform to the stereotype. There are some who break the taboo and showcase different styles. We met one such versatile actor, Anupama Kumar, who is awaiting the release of her film, Dharala Prabhu in which she plays Harish Kalyan's mom.

Dharala Prabhu featuring Harish Kalyan Vivekh and Anupama Kumar

How did this film happen?

I was keen to do this role when it came to me, because it is an adaptation of a hit movie Vicky Donor. The film had won several awards including the National award for Best Supporting Actor. I was thrilled to play the role of Dolly Ahluwalia. It was well received and appreciated in the North. I felt happy playing this role but at the same time there was pressure to carry it equally well on screen.

Is your character exactly the same as in Vicky Donor?

The character is the same. In Vicky Donor, we see Dollyji playing a bold outspoken Punjabi mother character. Here to suit the southern aesthetics, director Krishna Marimuthu has modified certain things... I play the role of a single mother who hails from a royal family but is now struggling for odds and ends. She raises her son with dignity and is a strong headed woman who balances both work and personal life. This inspired me to pick the role.

How did you prepare for your part?

As I told earlier, it was challenging to play a role which was already well applauded. But then I was really inspired by the story and can't wait to be a part of it. Our entire crew is a bunch of youngsters and we did really have a lot of fun during the shoot. With such fun on the sets, I did my part effortlessly. I am thankful to all my co-artists, crew members who supported me throughout. It's really been a pleasurable experience.

How has the film come out?

It really has come out very well. In this film, the hero and heroine are not the usual types. And this story has a prominent role for everyone. All characters are well etched out. The core idea is how one person's decision affects others. You will understand it better after watching the movie. But I am sure you would enjoy - because I enjoyed very much. The film is ready to hit the big screens on March 13.

Is there any adult content in the movie?

Not at all. It’s a clean family drama. The subject is regarding sperm donation, a concept which is required to be understood by those who are ignorant about it. And in no way children would be misled by the film as it would be incomprehensible for them. May be for that reason, the film has been awarded with U/A by the Censor Board. Otherwise, it is an engaging and fully entertaining movie. You can watch it with family.

Apart from that, this film talks about love, affection and the need to speak out on certain issues which we choose to skip. According to me, sperm donation is a good thing, and it is life giving. Wish the film would be well received by the audience.

What are your upcoming films?

Movies in the pipeline are N4 by "My Son is Gay" fame director Lokesh, "Jigiri Dosthu’’ by Vignesh Kumar, and "Pei Mama’’, a horror comedy with Yogi Babu in the lead by director Sakthi Chidambaram, followed by two untitled projects produced by C.V Kumar.

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