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Actress Mehreen Pirzada was last seen on screen in Dhanush’s Pattas that had hit the big screens this Pongal after which she was seen in a Telugu film, Ashwathama. For the past few days, the actress had been in news for all the wrong reasons.

Dhanush’s Pattas actress Mehreen Pirzada responds to controversies with Ashwathama producer

It all began when reports started doing rounds about her unprofessional attitude and how the producer of Ashwathama was miffed with her. According to reports, she couldn’t take part in some of the promotional activities of the film due to her skin allergy; however, when the producer insisted her presence, an upset Mehreen is said to have checked out of the hotel without informing the producer, leaving a huge bill for food and laundry.

It was also reported that the producer had paid most part of her remuneration and also cleared her hotel bills, but Mehreen’s attitude didn’t go well with the producer. Now, the actress has responded to the controversy. Few hours back, she tweeted, “Making movies on women empowerment but disrespecting them in real life doesn't make sense. I stand up when it comes to my dignity & self-esteem. I believe in mutual professionalism & respect to an individual's personal space.”

Now, the miffed actress has again taken to her social media and issued a statement as to what exactly happened and why she could not be present for the film’s promotion. She further stated that it was she who settled down all the bills and paid her staff. With a heavy heart, she wrote, “There’s two sides to every story and I felt that I cannot keep quiet when my professional reputation is dragged through the dirt.”

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