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Dhanush answers the possibilities of Pudhupettai 2 happening

Pudhupettai is one of the most important films in the career of Dhanush, which showcased him as an actor. The film was widely acclaimed for its strong content and the matured making. On that note, during a Facebook live interaction with fans, a particular fan asked Dhanush if Pudhupettai sequel will happen.

To that question, Dhanush answered, "Pudhupettai is one of my most favourite films, which is so close to my heart. It was a film which made me improve as an actor, and it wouldn't have happened without my brother Selvaraghavan. It is a cult classic film that came much ahead of times. It was also my first ever film that was reviewed in Hollywood.

And about Pudhupettai 2, it is definitely not easy to write the story of Pudhupettai 2. It is a big challenge and a Himalayan task to complete the script of Pudhupettai 2, as it has to deal with the new life of Kokki Kumar. It has to fulfill the expectations of the audience and be equally good or more better than the first part. Let us see, what the future has in store for us."

Dhanush answers the possibilities of Pudhupettai 2 happening

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