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CS Amudhan reviews Rajinikanth's Kaala

Rajinikanth's last film was Kaala which released worldwide on June 7. The movie was directed by Pa Ranjith and produced by Wunderbar Studios. The movie is now being streamed on Amazon Prime. Director CS Amudhan of Tamizh Padam series fame saw the movie online and published a review of it on his Facebook wall. The review is as follows:

"I watched Kaala on Amazon today...I must say I was blown away. That was an important movie. The scenes where the writing & the star’s charisma combine are electric. Make no mistake, every filmmaker pushes his agenda in his films & Ranjith truly has a noble cause to push which is All Men are Equal & that’s one that merits all the pushing.

Both the star & the filmmaker have to be equally credited for being brave enough to present this risky agenda in these times of govt propoganda driven media. Both of them could have chosen the easier route of a fan-friendly eulogising narrative, that they did not is not only commendable it’s miraculous! I remember that there was criticism of Ranjith that he put his message first in lieu of engaging the audience. I didn’t see that at all. For me, Kaala was for pure cinema with a sucker-punch to the gut.

This film featured some of the most beautifully written female parts in a long time. I must confess that I fell in love with the part that Anjali Patil played. Whoa!!

And what a reprisal of the Superstar saviour narrative it was! I had goosebumps in the pre-climax when Kaala has that conversation in the antagonist’s home. That was pure Rajinikanth!

Ranjith for me, proves himself as one one the most powerful evangelical filmmakers working today.

More power to you."

Seems to be an apt situation for the dialogue 'Late'ah vandhalum, Latest'ah varuven'. CS Amudhan's Tamizh Padam 2 released a month after Kaala released and is doing quite well at the box office too. The movie had Shiva and Iswarya Menon in the lead and was produced by Y Not Studios.