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Compilation of Dhanush's twitter chat session with his fans

Dhanush engaged in a Twitter chat with his fans this evening (13th April). Few interesting tidbits from this chat session are as follows:

1. When will Rajini-Ranjith project start?
Ans: “starts in may mid :)”

2. Any update on Maari 2?
Ans: “August shooting”

3. Your next directorial?
Ans: “I have not decided yet. right no waiting for tom anxiously :)”

4. If you want to direct a top level actor, who would that be?
Ans: “you know very well who will be the actor :)”

5. You are most proud of?
Ans: “my sons :)”

6. Will you venture into music direction?
Ans: “why should I do music when I have a genius like Sean with me ?”

7. Favourite from your production?
Ans: “vip and kaakkaa muttai .. oh also visaaranai .. oh wait .. also 3”

8. How would VIP2 be?
Ans: “it will be as entertaining as vip 1 .. yes .. I am  confident out for Kajol mam”

9. When will Karthick Subbraj project begin?
Ans: “October”

10. When will your Hollywood film release?
Ans: “shootingeee adutha maasam dhaan thambi”

11. Favorite actor?
Ans: “one and only super star”

12. Your favourite Rajkiran film?
Ans: “en raasavin manasile”

*Tweets are not spell-checked!

Compilation of Dhanush's twitter chat session with his fans

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