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Actor Sathish was an integral part of Rajesh's 'Mr.Local', that had Sivakarthikeyan and Nayanthara in the lead roles. He is also playing a crucial role in the upcoming Jeeva's film 'Gorilla'. With a lot of interesting projects lined up, he decided to give out a positive social message to his followers on social media.

Comedian Sathish gives a responsible message about saving water

Sathish gave out an important social message through his Twitter and Instagram handles about the importance of water and reducing it's wastage. Saving water is an important message which needs more awareness throughout the world and Sathish has done his part. He also added that one doesn't have to be a Tamizhan to share the video and he isn't doing it for likes and shares.

The video addresses one of the biggest problems in today's world - water scarcity, especially in Tamil Nadu. He also emphasized on how water is not being conserved properly when it is available and shared a few methods to save the remaining resources. It is appreciable that the actor has taken effort to show his concern towards the society that we are all a part of.

Some tips include: 'Avoid using shower to bath' , 'being cautious and efficient while using taps to wash hands', and more. He concluded by requesting everyone to humbly consider this advice and use water more responsibly in the future.

Check out the video here: