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Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk trailer review

When we watch a trailer from a film maker who is the smartest of the lot in the world, the review becomes a few paragraphs of words that praise every department for bringing to fore quality films.

Dunkirk, the much awaited war based film from the think tank Christopher Nolan himself, had it’s trailer release today. The film is set during the time of World War 2 and is based on the Dunkirk evacuation.

Christopher Nolan is a class apart for the kind of thinker he is. His chemistry with his music director Hans Zimmer is getting better than the best which was also a standard set by this combination. The visuals by  Hoyte Van Hoytema and the edit by Lee Smith are top class too! It is to be noted that they had worked for Interstellar also.

The action sequences with the bomb blasts look very realistic and make us yearn to watch it. The dialogues, though do not convey much of the main plot of the film, give you goosebumps as all the actors featuring in the trailer seem to have put their heart and soul into Dunkirk.

Dunkirk, being a Nolan film, sure will be an intelligent film but will also be an entertaining one as it has the thrilling action sequences required for the war time. On the downside, only negative could be that we will have to wait till July 21st, 2017 to experience Dunkirk.

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