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Choreographer Sheriff shares how he helped Rahul, passionate young dancer

Choreographer Sheriff popularly is known for his work in Tamil Cinema. At a recent interview in Behindwoods, he shared his humble contribution towards helping a young passionate dancer with a hearing impairment"

"Rahul is a passionate dancer and it is very unfortunate that he has a hearing disability. For some reason, I was extremely sad and disturbed about this. He has so much of talent in himself but, sadly cannot hear the appreciation he is receiving from all of us. Somewhere within me, I felt I should do what I can to help him. I started attending small launches, cultural fests in order to afford help for him.

We even put out a news on TV and raised a lot of funds. I am very happy that now he is completely alright and with gods grace things turned out very pleasant for him. If we all feel connected with each other as humans I'm sure we all do a lot of good in our society. This is just a small contribution and I'm glad someone has benefited because of this."

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Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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choreographer Sheriff talks about working with Thalapathy Vijay

Sheriff Moideen, popularly known as choreographer Sheriff excelled with his work in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam industry. In a recent interview with Behindwoods, dancer Sheriff spoke about his experience working with actor Vijay.

"Vijay sir is an effortless dancer. He has very good observational skills. I have never seen him practice on sets or stress out about anything. He learns by just watching all of us dance. One thing I really appreciate is he doesn't interfere with anyone's creativity.

He gives everyone a chance to learn and express their creativity. He's aware that young dancers come here with a lot of hopes and dreams, lets us have the limelight. He's never demanded anything and that's why everyone loves working with him.

There was a special incident that happened in Theri. Sir had a sprain in his leg but never told us about it. I realized he had a strain watching him dance. He is one of the calmest and tolerant people I have ever worked with. Sir always finishes off with style and so much energy.

It motivates me to give him better steps and see is an extraordinary performance on screen. Vijay sir doesn't have a dance background but, he has the potential to choreograph films on his own. I'm sure the output will be excellent"