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Chiyaan Vikram fulfills a fan's desire

Chiyaan Vikram is known for respecting his fans and their wishes.  Recently, when he was in a hotel in Kochi, there were many who took pictures with him. A cleaning lady also was keen to take  photos with the Iru Mugan star, but seeing so many people and having waited for her turn for a long time, she left the place in disappointment.

Vikram, who had noted all these, went to the lady and took so many pictures with her. Needless to say, the lady had the best day in her life to remember and cherish.

It can be recalled that on an earlier occasion in an award function when security guards pushed aside a fan, Vikram stood up, pulled the fan and fulfilled his wish of taking a selfie with him.


He is truly a People's Star

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Chiyaan Vikram fulfills a fan's desire

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