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Chandrakumar of Visaaranai fame on his acting avatar in Vadhaname Chandra Bimbamo

Vetri Maaran’s Visaaranai was a hard hitting film, the story of which was based on a novel Lock Up written by Chandrakumar.  Now Chandrakumar will be foraying into acting in a film titled as Vadhanamae Chandra Bimbamo under the direction of Srinivasan. The film features Aadhav Kannadasan.

Chandrakumar speaks to behindwoods on his new avatar, “I have acted in an untitled film as an archeologist, but it is yet to release. Now I will be playing the role of a father to Aadhav Kannadasan in Vadhanamae Chandra Bimbamo (VCB).

Since I cannot tell the story, all that I can say is that the character of the father in the film will be spoken on the lines of Nayakan. The character has the powerful potency to be like the society’s father. In the film, the character will be the dad of one person, but when you see the film and come out, he would have transformed into society’s father.

I have known director Srinivasan for more than 25 years. Even before he made his film entry, we have known each other. I am just not a social activist or a writer and when my work became a film (Visaranai), he is one of the few who felt very happy about the same. That’s when he told me the story and we had many discussions on it. And now, he has given me an opportunity to act in his film.  He had always held faith in my appearance and the crafts that I know and now he is going to take them a different dimension.

VCB is not a comedy film but a serious one which will be based on psychological aspects. Shooting is expected to begin around August”.

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Chandrakumar of Visaaranai fame on his acting avatar in Vadhaname Chandra Bimbamo

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