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BJP Party members mourn the death of actor Vinod Khanna while he was alive

BJP's state general secretary David Kharsati, on Saturday evening, called an urgent meeting to mourn the death of famous actor Vinod Khanna by observing a 2-minute long silence. Little did he know that he was doing the wrong thing, as the actor was very well alive.

Vinod Khanna was recently admitted to the hospital owing to health issues. But the actor was said to be stable. Numerous baseless rumors were claiming that he had passed away. David Kharsati, believing the words of a few of his party workers who saw the news of the talks, mourned the death of the actor without verifying the same. It was performed because Vinod Khanna was a BJP Lok Sabha MP.

As soon as photographs of the BJP party members paying their tributes to the actor started spreading on the internet, reports that the actor was very much alive, started pouring in. In an immediate response to the news, David Kharsati and the rest of his colleagues issued a statement of apology for the grave error, which read, ''Two of our party workers saw a TV news and informed us about the demise, and we believed them without verifying the story. We have already issued a statement apologizing for the grave mistake that was done from our side. Please cooperate.''

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BJP Party members mourn the death of actor Vinod Khanna while he was alive

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