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Bigg Boss Tamil 4 today's episode began with Anitha Sampath's imitation of Bigg Boss show's review on a Youtube channel. She read the madeup news funny enough inculcating the day's happenings. Up next, the task progressed, wherein Gabriella spoke about how she was bodyshamed on being too slim, and how she felt she missed many opportunities due to that.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Day 4 - October 7 Daily review - Episode highlights

When the task was put to a halt, another fight erupted between Anitha Sampath & Suresh Chakravarthy, where the latter asked her to speak quietly as he was listening to the rules and regulations of the house read out by Aari. Anitha replied saying no one had the rights to shut up another contestant and that all inmates are equal. This sparked into a mild controversy between the two again, as Suresh said that he wanted to be treated with respect as he does the same.

Rekha recounted her film journey, and how she came from a normal family to becoming a lead actress. She also mentioned that her daughter was her main role model, and that she ultimately entered the show to have fun and enjoy. Following Rekha, Samyuktha and Aari spoke.

Aari, in his speech, spoke about how he came to town with just 10k in hand, and how he had struggled a lot throughout his journey. "I survived and achieved to manage 3 meals a day which was a dream for me, and now I have to achieve success which is the only thing eluding me till date. I believe Bigg Boss is a platform for me to skyrocket towards success, and I will work towards the same no matter what happens", he said.

Similarly, Rio Raj spoke of his trials and tribulations and how he reached where he is today. Post this task, there was again a mild confusion in the kitchen department, which was being sorted out with Ramya Pandian, Suresh, Sanam, Rekha and Anitha in discussion and that's when the episode ended.

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Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Day 4 - October 7 Daily review - Episode highlights

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