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Bigg Boss is a popular television reality show that have been unfolding the dramas right from the beginning of its show that was aired in the year 2017. While the third season also has managed to garner equal number of fans for the contestants like the previous ones, this season as well as some huge fan bases.

Bigg Boss Snehan’s viral tweet on Julie or Losliya

Former Bigg Boss 1 contestant and the runner up of the show, Snehan who is also a well-known lyricist had also garnered a good number of fans. One of such fans has a Twitter account who pretends to be the lyricist. This parody account recently came up with a fun chat session in Twitter with the fans. And what happened next is sure to blow your minds!

During the session, one of the Twitter users had asked Snehan (parody account holder) if he preferred Julie of Bigg Boss 1 fame or Losliya of Bigg Boss 3. For this, he replied that his sister Julie is much better than Losliya. While some users are aware that it's a parody account, most people still seem to be ignorant of the fact. Meanwhile, check out the tweet here -