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Bigg Boss says that evicted contestants may enter the house again.

Since the start of the Bigg Boss reality show, most of the audience has had its doubts about the show. Initially, it was established that there would be just the 14 contestants who will be participating. Later on, a small surprise was seen when a 15th contestant was added during the inaugural episode. Later on, through the course of the show, Bindhu Madhavi joined the house. A lot of speculations over the wild card entry was the talk of the town, and the viewers were not clear about it.

In today's episode, we have received the answer to that question. Actress Sripriya and comedian Sathish have joined Kamal Haasan for interaction in today's episode, and Sripriya was allowed to ask her doubts to the real Bigg boss. When she asked why Gayathri was saved from eviction this week, and why Bigg Boss did not give appropriate reasons for the same, we got a surprising answer from Bigg boss. He said, ''We are following an internationally set standard for the show, and any participant could be evicted and even a crowd-favorite participant, who has been evicted, could be entering the house once again at any time. So we cannot guarantee anything''.

A thunderous response was heard from the crowd when the air was cleared. So can we expect a surprise soon? Let us wait and watch!

Bigg Boss says that evicted contestants may enter the house again.

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