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Bigg Boss Janani Iyer talks about MeToo movement

Bigg Boss sensation Janani Iyer, in her recent interaction with the media, has stated that she supports the MeToo movement and requested more women to speak out. The ongoing MeToo movement is helping the women to come out and share their sexual harassment experiences. Singer Chinmayi, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, Leena Manimekalai, and few others have been actively involved in this movement to bring about a change.

Janani said, "I feel, it is a healthy progress. The sexual harassment and abuses not only happen in cinema, but also in other fields. Since cinema is easily accessible and exposed, the issues here are much more seen. Even IT and Software industries have these issues. It would be nice if this movement is not misused and sensationalised.

People should realise the importance of this movement and act accordingly, without diluting it. Also, it would be good if women come out and share their experiences, then and there, when it happened, without delaying it for months or years. We should sort out the issue at that moment.