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Bigg Boss Harathi predicts Bigg Boss Season 2 winner

Harathi was one of the popular contestants from last year's Bigg Boss, she was a noise maker who never hesitates to share what she thinks. Not just on the show, even Harathi's tweets are straightforward and bold. 

Harathi has now predicted the winner of Bigg Boss season 2. She finds Mumtaz very strong and full of energy. Check out her tweets on Bigg Boss 2:

"#Rithvika is my good friend very composed calm player initially she was playing safe by observing other house mates for weeks... But from day 1 till today #mumtaz is with full energy... Very strong player...never played safe nor depends others😊

I strongly believe #பிக்பாஸ் 2 winner is either #Mumtaz or #Sendrayan ...being woman my priority to #mumtaz 😊 wishes and dhuvas for sail steady with divine strength 😍"

*Tweets are not spell-checked