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Bigg Boss Gayathri lashes out for only highlighting her for the bad words

After Oviya's exit, today's show was much expected as the promo was interesting where Gayathri is seen hurt talking against Kamal, as his words were discouraging to her.


While every contestant was discussing their confession room experiences, Gayathri was seen bit disappointed. She said"I'm like this; Only my mom can correct me. I hate it when others say this to me. I have done many good things, but they are not highlighted, but showcasing only the bad things are discouraging. If it is disrespect to use bad words, then why are they showing (telecast) it. I too have feelings, and I don't use bad words all the time, but the situations make me angry and why are these not shown to justify?


My anger has gone down well, I have cleaned the kitchen, the bathrooms and I have become much calmer in these 50 odd days, what else should I prove now? I can see many others, use bad words, but why only me highlighted. Kamal Sir didn't ask my perspective, but only questioned me for the wrong words, which is not right".


Though other participants tried to console her, she was seen dissapointed and broke down into tears. She added "I see Kamal Sir as my father, I will take his words in a positive way and get better if he appreciates, but can't take discouragement"

Bigg Boss Gayathri lashes out for only highlighting her for the bad words

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