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Bigg Boss 2 most controversial episode recap

Bigg Boss is a reality show that started its season 2 in Tamil on June 17. The house currently has had 4 eliminations, while Vaishnavi has been locked inside a secret room. This show is hosted by Kamal Haasan. The episode of the show dated July 31 saw a lot of controversial events happening. Here is a list of things that might shock/surprise you:

1) Mahat slapping himself: The Mankatha actor was under the assumption that Balaji was angry because of what he spoke, which later turned out to be false. He tried to apologize to Balaji, which was not accepted. So, he ended up slapping himself and crying. Janani Iyer consoled him and he became normal.

2) New Luxury Budget Task: Bigg Boss came up with a new luxury budget task that made Aishwarya the autocratic ruler of the house. Janani Iyer and Daniel Annie Pope were the Advisor and Bodyguard, respectively. All the housemates had to obey whatever Aishwarya said and she had the powers to do anything. She can introduce 5 rules that everyone has to follow. 

3) Aishwarya's racial slurs against Riythvika and insulting Balaji: Aishwarya's behaviour after becoming the autocratic queen received a lot of backlash among the audiences as she made a series of racist remarks against Riythvika, based on her colour and face. She also ill-treated Balaji in front of all housemates by throwing emptying all the dustbins in the house on him. This enraged all the housemates.

The first promo video of Bigg Boss 2 episode dated August 1 suggests that the behaviour continues for the second day on the trot as she targets Sendrayan today. She makes a rule that no one should drink tea and Sendrayan becomes red-hot. The fight between Sendrayan and Aishwarya becomes ugly and they both swear at each other. It remains to be seen as of what happens next.