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Tamil Director's Union is a body under which one must be registered under for becoming a Assistant-director or Director.

Bharathiraja resigns his post as president of director's union

Director Padma Sri Bharathiraja was selected as the president of the Tamil Director's Union without any opposition earlier and he has resigned from the post now.

He has given a statement saying that "In our association's general meeting which happened last month, i was selected as the president with great support, but I've faced the negatives of getting selected to a position without any elections, henceforth, to make the choosing of the leader in a democratic way easier, i have resigned my post as the president. As a senior director, i will always give my support and love for the association always."

The Nadigar Sangam elections which happened recently between two teams, Pandavar and Swami Sankaradas created a lot of buzz and was a topic of discussion. The results for the election is still awaited.

Now, the elections schedule of the Directors' Union has been announced. The process of filing nominations begin on 10th July, and the election date has been revealed as 21st July. Stay tuned for more updates.