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Bhagyaraj talks about piracy and the quality of Tamil Cinema

In a recent audio release function, veteran director Bhagyaraj, best known for his classy screenplay writing skills, spoke about the quality of films that are releasing in Kollywood and the effect of piracy on the industry. This is what he had to say:

''These days, everyone is saying things like, stop piracy, watch films in theaters and all that, but personally, I feel that the negative effect on the industry from piracy is just 10%. The problem is that we are not making good cinema.


A film called Maanagaram released recently, now people are talking about 8 Thottakal. Such films were not made with big stars. They trusted the script. If any film is good, somehow there will be good talks about it.


Now we have a new team in the Producer Council. I told them that they shouldn't think that they got the votes because people liked them, but because there are so many issues and there is hope that the new team will solve it. Theater owners must support small films too and give them the right shows and the timely shows''.