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So here is the list of 15 best songs out last month, ordered alphabetically. Have you picked out your favourites yet? These tracks are all set to enter your playlist and hearing them now would be the best thing to do - Check out now!

Best picks from Tamil music this December 2020 - best tamil songs

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This is a simple short track without too much complexity and variations, but that doesn’t take away anything from the lure of its structure. Keethan is the composer of the track which is filled with some spot-on vocals by Pavitra Krishnan. The solo violin especially at the higher scales and the constant guitars are just stunning and catchy to the say the least.

Adada ival yaaro

This is from a movie called “Time-up” and it came suddenly out of the blue and what struck me about the song was its innate melody and that too from an unknown musician in the days I have been reviewing music. LG Bala is the composer of this song which is very effectively sung BY Karthick and accompanied by Priyanka NK as the female lead. Joshua Sathya plays the guitars as we have come to know and the rhythm guitar is by Vikki. The strings play a fine role in the second layer especially in the stanzas. The track has influences of the Karakarapriya and Reethigwola raagam in my opinion.

Ellam unnale

The song composed and written by Paransothi and Vedhamani was sung by Godwin, this gem with some very likable vocals which do sound like a refined version of Yuvan Shankar Raja. It is that man Joshua Sathya again on the guitars which are splendid in the interlude. Vedhamani and Alwin Paransothi have written the lyrics, and despite not too many variations in the stanza, the song scores high on its overall appeal. Abin Paul who is a one well-known name has mixed and mastered the track. Santhosh Jayakaran is on the backing vocal role. Joseph Kenaniah has done the programming.

Idli chutney

Sean Roldan keeps delivering in the indie space during a lean period in terms of movie-music. Sean plays the guitars, sings and composes this very catchy track. He also plays some keys and mind-numbing speed in the interludes. Interestingly Sean also has written the lyrics for the track. Manoj Krishna another bright young talent has done the backing vocals with Abin Paul involved in mixing and mastering. It is not his best work but Sean’s latest track will sure do enough to make you play it a few times.


Manoj Krishna. Steadily keeps rising as a musician and this is his 4th indie single of the year. Fatin has written the lyrics as always and Manoj has sung and composed the track which has elements of R&B in its delivery and outcome. Akhilesh Subramaninan is constantly good on the bass, and Vijay Ganesan shows his mettle in the interlude and in the stanzas as well on the electric guitars. Barath Dhanasekar plays the drums. Sebastian Sathish has done the additional programming and the track is mixed by Vijay Ganesan and mastered by Ishit Kuberkar.

Kalyanam arambam

There is no better way to start off a song these days than a solo by Sandilya Pisapati on his violin. He gets cracking and then Abby V begins his vocals and delivers this is wonderfully composed melody and the credit goes to Abhinay TJ for the composition. Viji Viswanathan has written these lyrics. The interlude is an attractive jugalbandhi of the violin and tabla by Suresh and guitars by Arun Chiluveru. Anudeep Dev has done the arrangements, while Aashray Paramatmuni has done the mixing and Vinay Kumar has performed the mastering.


Fusion music not just in genres but in collaboration of musicians from different geographies is what makes all this worth it. Khanvict is a producer born in Pakistan and here he has produced a catchy and groovy track sung, written and composed by Amritha Shakti. The singing with its wonderful harmonies, and instruments like the flute, and the table create a great phonetic ambience and it all comes off well thanks to the top-notch vocals. Amritha recently sang the Indian national anthem at the India-Australia test match in Melbourne.

Maragatha manjam

Vignesh Pai has composed, arranged and programmed this melodious number which is shweered with the goodness of some amazing strings, right from the start and even during the interlude and beyond. The flute by Finny David is just extremely soothing and it goes well with the ghatam. Brriththeve Sathyakumar is the vocalist and Purnima is the female vocalist who also does a fantastic job of delivering the melody. The track remotely does remind us of a famous ARR track.

Neerukku nandri

Vishal Chandrasekar was one of the best musicians in 2019 with some amazing music in Tamil and Telugu movies, and here he scores one in the indie space and that too for a very good cause. The anthem like track is a dedication to one of the greatest resources on earth i.e. water. The short interlude with the keys is quite well played and the track is entirely about the male harmonies and the contributors are Vishal himself, along with Balaji Sree, Arvind Annest, Shibi Srinivasan, Aravind Karneeswaran, Vikram Pitty and Velu. Ku Karthick is the lyricist.

Neeye charanam

Ghibran is probably the best composer in 2020 in the Tamil music space at-least, Here he creates some excellent music in this single, which he has sung himself. K Soundararajan is the lyricist. Balaji and Ramachandran on the violin and Cello play brilliantly in the interlude which take us back to the yesteryears of Maestro Ilaiyaraaja. Neil Joshua is on the guitars. Gold Devaraj is the conductor, and I just love the outro of the track.

One love one life

Stepehen Zecharaiah starts off this track with something resembling the “We will rock you” by Queen. ONCe the initial percussions and tempo tease you along with the male harmony, its then a good rock-styled track with some excellent vocals by Stephen and Sunitha Sarathy. Its again that man Keba Jeremiah on the bass and guitars, with lyrics by T Suriavelan. The female backing vocalists are Krithika Lechmanan, Krishmita R Moorthy, Kaamini Subramaiam and Vikneswary Se. The male backing vocalists are Suriavelan, Satyamoorthi, Abbdul Kadher, Mohanavarooman Gopal and R Yuvan. The mixing and mastering is done by Arjun Vasanthan.


A stunning song and probably the best to come out his month, that revels in its melodic value and fabulous vocal delivery. Chinmayi is an exponent at the art of singing with a very expressive delivery and here she soars and lifts every listener along with her. C Sathya should be credited for creating this gem and I cannot wait to hear the other singles from this movie “Raangi”. Sathya himself along with Yazin Nizar are the male vocalists, as the song shifts its genre into an middle-eastern slow ballad, with percussions by Derik. Naveen Napier’s bass and Joshua Sathya’s guitars are scintillating along with the violins by Balaji and Abner Immanuel Carlos.W , viola by Adeline Cynthia.W. The track has two varied stanzas as well adding further to the quality of the composition.


Santhosh finally releases this brilliant missing track from the movie Penguin. The BGM itself was splendid and with Anand Aravindakshan's vocals, along with Santhosh's backing, this has the stamp of SaNa's musical genius. The humming and that constantly woodwind type instrument (electronically generated) is etched on the mind. Vivek is the lyricist. The way the track is constituted of two different types of stanzas, makes it for even greater appreciation. Anand does. A fabulous job in emoting the love of a child for his mother and Vivek needs to be patted on the back for the words. There are fragments of the Maand raagam in the track which is an overall gem. The mouth organ is the other instrument which constantly pierces us with its quality.

Thottu vidum thooram

Raj Thillaiyampalayam from Sri Lanka impressed me last month with a nice melody sung by Haricharan and here he once again appears in the list of best Tamil music of the month. Aishwarya Yogarajh sings it with great ease and the sweetness of her voice adds to the likability of the track. Pussellawaiganapathy Gana is the lyricist and PG Ragesh has done the mixing and mastering, programming is by Thilina Boralessa. The track does remind us of the Harrish Jayaraj hit “Uyirin Uyire”.


Imman composes music for albums with 3-4 good tracks with enviable ease and here too after that chat-topping Kadai Kannale last month, Uzhava is another massive hit sung by Sid Sriram and Yogi B. This is a hummable anthem with some gripping and inspiring lyrics by KArky. Manoj is on the solo violin Balesh on the Shehnai that comes and goes , and the superstar Keba Jeremiah handles the electric, acoustic and bass guitars. The backing vocalists are Babu,Pradeep,Raja,Balu,Manoj,Saravanan,David,Chiranjeevi,Azhagiri Harmony Vocals- Santosh Hariharan,Deepak,Shenbagaraj, Aravind Srinivas,Narayanan, Vignesh Narayanan, Veena Murali, Sowmya Mahadevan, Deepthi Suresh,Abinaya Shenbagaraj, Ala B Bala, Soundarya Nandakumar.


Well, if just playing the flute remarkably wasn’t enough as an asset Rasika here uses her voice to hit you like a double barrel gun. This is one track where the flute solo and the overall texture of the song will make you sway your head in full approval of its quality. Rasika has been mighty impressive in 2020 with her solo release “Departure” and her role in one of the best Tamil songs of 2020 called “Kaalai pozhudhil” by . Christian Li’s piano and Shubh Sharan’s guitars are simply stunning causing a massive impact to match up to the flute. R Lavarathan is the lyricist. The track is mixed and mastered by Abhishek Ghatak.

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Best picks from Tamil music this December 2020 - best tamil songs

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