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Sathish Nair, a Coimbatore-based entrepreneur by calling, has launched an independent, bilingual (Tamil, Malayalam) album called ‘Rupa – Blessed with Beauty’ which comprises two singles – the first of which, Moongil, with lyrics by Marabin Mainthan Muthiah was launched in the city last week by celebrated filmmaker G Venkat Prabhu.

Audio and visual treat Moongil from Rupa Blessed with Beauty

Moongil is composed by Sathish with vocals by Priyanka of ‘Super Singer’ fame and accomplished singer Haricharan. Both singles capture the beauty of nature.

Ahead of the launch of the second single, Sathish settles for a cosy chat. On prodded regarding his choice of singers, he says, “Priyanka fitted the bill as we needed a soothing, young flavour. Haricharan was a natural choice since we needed someone who can take the high notes/pitch,” he says, adding the album has come out of his personal income and he has shied away from touching his business money to produce the same (An SN Musical production). “When Hari heard the tune, he was all praise for it,” informs Sathish.

Audio and visual treat Moongil from Rupa Blessed with Beauty

The album is accompanied by beautiful visuals, where Sathish helped with his inputs on a gargantuan scale. The third-generation entrepreneur for whom music is a huge passion, admits shyly that the album has found organic traction and there have been praise from as far as Bangladesh, Malaysia even.

While Sathish is not short of critics, the comforting words of his two young children – 12 and 5 – were that the album has come out well. Though not formally trained, he has had an inclination towards music right from a tender age.

Sathish also lets us in on the theme of the second single that is soon to follow – it revolves around a photographer who’s work involves him being closely associated with nature. The song is about how he co-relates nature to his love.

As a parting shot, Sathish says that it is the team effort that has helped put an enviable ensemble of an audio and visual treat that is ‘Moongil’ from ‘Rupa-Blessed with Beauty’.

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