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Arun Vijay speaks about Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay

Earlier yesterday Arun Vijay had an interactive session with his fans on Twitter. He answered various questions his fans asked him. Here is another interesting list of answers posted by him.

Q.1 When will you collaborate with Thala Ajith once again to play a negative role?
Answer: "Theriyala.. hope something nice comes up.. I would luv to do it again."

Q.2 Can you share a few words about Thalapathy Vijay
Answer: "Wonderful person.. And Luv his energy.."

Q.3 Can you Share your favorite moments with Vijay
Answer: "There are many.. but all I could think of now is the visit to his house years back when I was put into pressure for asking his dates to produce as things didn’t work my way in acting... I can’t forget the advice he gave me.. which made me feel worth for what I am.. I thankhim4tht"

Q.4 Can you share a few words about Anushka Shetty?
Answer: "Sweety!!!"

Q.5 We are waiting to see you in Magizh Thirumani sir direction
Answer: "Thadam coming soon..."

Q.6 Can we witness Victor in Yennai Arindhaal 2?
Answer: "Would Luv it happens"

Q.7 What do you love the most about Ajith sir?
Answer: "Out spoken & his humbleness"

Q.8 Do you have scenes with STR in CVV?
Answer: "Yes, we do"

Q.9 When will your next film release?
Answer: " Thadam, tentatively by end of July"

Q.10 Is there any film from 2018 that impacted you a lot?
Answer: "Mahanati"

Q.11 One work about Tamil Cinema?
Answer: "Unpredictable but always nurtures good talent"

Q.12 Describe Dhanush in one word
Answer: "Talented!Plays with his strength"

Q.13 Describe Vijay Sethupathi in one word
Answer: "Natural"

Q.14  One word from Jr. NTR
Answer: "Dynamic performer... Luv his energy"

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Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Arun Vijay speaks up about GVM and CVV project

Arun Vijay went on for an interactive session with the audience on his twitter handle on June 19th. He initiated the session by asking his fans to use the hashtag #AV and send him any question they would like him to answer. Here are some of the interesting questions his fans asked him and following are his answers to the posts.

Q.1 What is your favorite film of your father's?
Answer: "Kaali... Kizhakku Cheemaiyiley"

Q.2 What do you feel about actor Suriya?
Answer: "Good performer ...Made his way through his hard work.."

Q.3 Share some words of your role in Saaho?
Answer: It’s a very stylish and an important one. I am sure u guys will like it"

Q.4 Can you say something about what we can expect from CCV?
Answer: "A solid Maniratnam film which you’ll would Luv.."

Q.5 Any idea when you'll become a director or a lyricist?
Answer: "As of now my full concentration is on my acting"

Q.6 What do you think about Sivakarthikeyan?
Answer: "Talented..Happy to his quick growth..."

Q.7 Can you describe Mahesh Babu in one word?
Answer: "Charming!! Super star .."

Q.8 What is your role in CVV and how was your experience working with STR, Vijay Sethupathi and the entire cast?
Answer: "u’ll see it.. mind blowing experience.."

Q.9 Will you work with GVM again?
Answer: "Yup.. soon.."

Q.10 How was your experience working with STR?
Answer: "Sweetheart.."

Q.11 When will your film Vaa Deel release?
Answer: "Pretty soon"

Q.12  One word about Allu Arjun and Ram Charan?
Answer: "Allu Arjun & Ram Charan r amazing dancers"

Q.13 Can you share a few words about actor Young Rebel star Prabas?
Answer: "Humble rock star!!"

Q.14 Can you share a few words about GVM?
Answer: "Thanks bro.. genius.."

Arun Vijay speaks about Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay

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