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Arjun talks about casting couch issue

During a recent interaction with the media, actor Arjun was asked if casting couch in the industry scares him now that his daughter is acting in films?

Here is what the actor had to say about it:

"Why should I be scared? I have been in this industry for 38 years. If I am scared, how will others send their daughters to act in films? Many have a bad impression on how the film industry functions. Good and bad are common in every industry, not only in the films. Even if you go to a bank, you will find good guys and also people with negative thoughts.

So there is good and bad in everything and it is up to you to choose your path. If you believe in yourself and say, no no I have to live my life in a particular way with conviction, they will survive in any field amidst negative energies. 

This is my industry, I make my living because of this industry, people still love me. I have been in this industry for so long, so why should I be scared about this."