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The release date of the movie 'Kallapart' starring actor Arvind Swamy has been announced.

Arvind Swamy's Kallapart movie release date announced

Arvind Swamy's return

Actor Arvind Swamy, who was involved in Tamil cinema in the 90s, left cinema at one point and became an entrepreneur. After that the actor came back to act with Mani Ratnam's Kadal. He went on to star in several films, including Bogan, Sathuranga Vettai 2, and Kallapart.

Aravind samy Kallapart movie release date announced


Arvind Swamy and Regina starrer "Kallapart" was produced at great expense. Rajapandi, who has directed films like Ennamo Nadakudu, Achchaminri, has directed this film. Arvind Krishna will be the cinematographer, Nivas K Prasanna will be the composer, S. Ilayaraja will be the editor, Maya Pandey will be the art director and Miracle Michael will be the stunt director. The songs are written by Gangai Amaran and Saraswathi Menon. Made by S. Bharti, S. China.

Aravind samy Kallapart movie release date announced

Director about the film

Commenting on the film, director Rajapandi said, "Kallapart is applicable to all the characters in the film, hence the name Kallapart. The screenplay of this film is an emotional struggle that takes place in a high thriller. You can see a story field that no one has touched before. We're shooting. Those scenes would be awesome to see on screen. The film would definitely be Hollywood quality."

Aravind samy Kallapart movie release date announced

Film's Release

The crew had announced that the film would be released last May. But now the release date has been announced as June 24th. The film is UA certified. The crew is going viral on the internet to release a new poster about it.

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Arvind Swamy's Kallapart movie release date announced

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