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TV Soap operas are one of the most common and interesting forms of entertainment on the small screen. Though game shows, reality shows and many forms of entertainment in TV's have emerged over time, the serials still continue to dominate them all.

Another 80's Tamil heroine to join Sun TV Azhagu Serial

The main success of a serial is its interesting storyline, admirable characters, and engaging script. Each channel has its own stream of popular series, and one such famous show is Azhagu. The story follows the journey of a brave and loving woman Azhagammai who braves all odds put forward in her daily life to keep her family together.

The main pair of the serial is Revathy and Thalaivasal Vijay and Jagadeesh and Sruthi Raj play the current leading pair in the serial. In the meantime, the relay of the series was temporarily suspended just as every other serial because the shoots were cancelled due to COVID lockdown.

Now, with the relaxations set in place for serial shootings, shoots are touted to have started, and Avinash, a member of the cast, recently posted on his Instagram page, acclaimed actress Urvashi is all set to join the cast. He wrote, "Suspense🤩🤩🤩 Azhagu serial is coming up with suspense and interesting story ahead".

The post received mixed comments - while the glee that actress Urvashi joined the serial was high, fans were also worried about the possibility whether Revathy was going to be replaced by the actress. Guess we have to wait for the telecast to know! Stay tuned!

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Another 80's Tamil heroine to join Sun TV Azhagu Serial

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