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Ameer talks about his missed out movie with Vijay

Director Vetri Maaran's epic gangster saga Vada Chennai opened to unanimously positive reviews yesterday. One person who was highly praised for his performance was director Ameer who acted in a crucial role in the film. 

During the promotions of Vada Chennai, we caught up with director Ameer for an exclusive interview and he spoke about the time he spent with actor Vijay back in 2007. 

He said, "Before Paruthiveeran, I had told a story to Vijay. I was supposed to do a film with Thalapathy. But, that didn't happen. Then, after Paruthiveeran, I met him in his house and we spoke for over 4 hours. I told him two storylines and he liked both. He asked me to choose which one we can work on. 

One of those scripts was Kannabiran and I also had another one. During the meeting, I spoke a lot about his films, and I was discussing his films and telling him what is good and all. Then I got up halfway to leave because a popular PRO told me it's getting late.

At that time, Vijay asked me not to leave and he said let's finish talking and then after
that we spoke for 2 hours. At the end of that conversation, Vijay asked me to meet a producer and make the announcement. I told him not to rush and we'll do it slowly."