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Ajith's Vivegam SWOT Analysis

With Vivegam unanimously being one of the most expected films of the year, we have a prepared a SWOT analysis for the Thala Ajith starrer, which is all set to hit the silver screens tomorrow!


1) Ajith- Ajith is most definitely one of the biggest advantages of Vivegam as the character sketched by director Siva demands a man like him. Siva has also mentioned this in various interviews. He charming and perfectly suitable for an international spy.

2) Anirudh Ravichander's music has already become a raging hit, with the genre falling straight into his forte. He has etched out the right tone for the right kind of film, and he will be proving to be one of the biggest strengths in Vivegam. 

3) Visuals- Titbits of DOP Vetri's outstanding cinematography has been witnessed in the teaser and trailer already and we are sure that a lot more is in store for us.

4) Locations - With the film said to be completely set in a foreign country, it is expected that the locations will be exotic and never seen before. It is going to be a visual treat for all fans.

5) Ajith's physical transformation: The 6 pack exposure scene, exercising moments, gripping episodes have been specially etched for Ajith fans.


1) May cater only to a particular set of audience. The B&C center audiences may not be able to connect to the film.

2) Even though directors attempt to make a film with international standards, they are pushed to an extreme to make most of the English dialogues in Tamil for better understanding. The tables could be turned at this juncture, and it could be costly.


1) Akshara Haasan - Chances are high for this girl to make her way into Kollywood as a strong performer through this film's launch.

2)  It is the first-time an Ajith film is taking place in an International premise and it may prove to be an opportunity to showcase a different dimension of Ajith after a long time.

3) When most of the big heroes go behind mass commercial scripts, Ajith's intention to experiment in an international spy thriller could help open up a new window in Tamil cinema.

4) This is the first big-budget superstar film to release in the GST era. The 18-28% rise in ticket rates could translate to smashing box-office numbers. We can also expect the movie to set a new box-office record owing to this reason.


1) Piracy: This is a common problem faced by every film that releases. Various steps have been taken to control piracy and it is still taking place.

2) A domestic emotion in an international premise could snatch the reality factor. But it depends entirely upon the way the dialogues and screenplay are handled.

3) Even though the emotional episodes of the film are said to be the core of the movie, overdoing of those scenes could affect the film's engagement factor.

Ajith's Vivegam SWOT Analysis

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