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Adnan Sami and his family meets PM Narendra Modi

Popular singer Adnan Sami and his wife Roya Faryabi are the happiest couples since the birth of their daughter Medina. The singer recently visited Lok Kalyan Marg, New Delhi along with his wife and daughter and had a casual chat with Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Adnan Sami had said in social platform about the kind of respect he has on PM Modi. Now, the singer meeting him with his family along with his new born baby will surely be one of the best moment for Adnan Sami. There are also reports which say that the Prime Minister himself personally invited Adnan and his family.

The singer, Adnan Sami took Twitter to express his joy. He tweeted, 'Dear honorable Prime Minister @narendramodi ji, thank you for your warm hospitality & blessing our little Medina. We loved every moment.'

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Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Adnan Sami shares daughter Medina’s first picture

On May 8, 2017, singer Adnan Sami and wife Roya Sami turned parents to the cute baby girl, Medina  Sami. He even took it to Twitter to share his joy. The singer wrote. “Roya & I have bin blessed it an angelic baby girl. We've named her Medina Sami Khan. Prayed for a daughter. Over Joyed! #daddyslittlegirl,”. And, Medina was born in Germany.


A couple of weeks later Adnan in a press meet also revealed the reason for naming his daughter Medina. He had named her after the name of the city Medina, which embraced Prophet Md. when he was asked to leave Mecca. The city is known for spreading love and care, and the place is also known for prayers and spirituality.

The latest is that the actor shared his daughter's first picture and it is overloaded with love. The baby looks very cute, and it is a perfectly clicked first photo for the little girl. Twitter and other social blogs have reacted to the photo and looks like Medina is already building a strong fan following. 


'Adnan’s post not spell-checked.’

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