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Actress Nisha talks about her husband Ganesh Venkatram and Bigg Boss show

Popular television serial actress Nisha, wife of Ganesh Venkatraman, engaged herself in a Facebook live chat, a few hours ago, where she shared her opinions about Ganesh, Bigg Boss and much more. Here is an interesting compilation of those.

Do you miss Ganesh?
Yes, of course, I do. We won't leave each other even for ten minutes. Now, it feels so sad to be separated from him for almost 100 days. I really really miss him, and I am waiting for him to come back home in another 5 days of time.

Have you planned anything for Ganesh when he comes back home?
Yes, I have planned an interesting surprise for him. We usually travel a lot. Maybe we will travel somewhere soon after he comes.

Out of you both, who proposed first?
I've told it many times earlier. Ganesh was the one who proposed me, and it started from thereon.

Don't you think Ganesh is being cornered in the show?
Well, maybe... I do not know, but he is taking it cool. So, it is fine.

What do you think about Suja?
Suja was a strong contestant actually. She played it with her fullest energy.

Isn't Harish Kalyan your best friend?
Yes, he is my best friend. He is like a brother from another mother for me. My birthday is on June 28th, and his birthday is on the very next day, June 29th. He didn't tell me that he is going into the Bigg Boss house, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him on the show.

How do you see Ganesh in the show, as an audience?
Ganesh, the best thing I liked about him is, that he didn't talk bad about anyone, behind their back. He has been honest, positive and patient. I wish he wins the show, but it is in your hands, to vote for him and select.

How does Ganesh handle his problems in real life?
He is actually very soft, calm and composed. He solves all his problems with so much of grace and positivity. Even if he does something wrong, if I tell him about it, he would realise and change himself accordingly.

Who is your favourite contestant in Bigg Boss?
Ganesh is my favourite, and Aarav too. I like Aarav, and he has been doing consistently well.

What do you think about Oviya?
Well, she is a very bold and a strong girl. I learnt a lot from her.

At the end of her Facebook live chat, Nisha requested her followers to vote for Ganesh Venkatram this weekend, so that it would help him clinch the title and trophy of the first season of Bigg Boss. 


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Anjali opens up after visiting Bigg Boss house

As reported earlier, actress Anjali would be featuring in today's episode of Bigg Boss. The actress who entered the Bigg Boss house recently shared a couple of pictures along with a sweet text on her social forum.

"It's been an honour and privilege to be a part of #BiggBossTamil!! thanks for having me there #vijaytelevision #kamalhaasan sir 😊 #Balloon 🎈".

The latest Bigg Boss promo shows that Anjali would be dancing for 'Neenga Shut Up Pannunga' song composed by Yuvan for Balloon in today's episode. The song was composed after Oviya's sensational phrase in Bigg Boss house. The promo also showed that contestants like Aarav had no clue on why a song needs to be named 'Neenga Shut Up Pannunga' since they did not know that Oviya's dialogue has become so viral. 

Actress Nisha talks about her husband Ganesh Venkatram and Bigg Boss show

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