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The Pune Police arrested an actress in connection to a blackmail case after she allegedly blackmailed a fellow actor (Subhash Yadav), with the help of another actress and a Sub Inspector. The trio reportedly tried to extort an amount of 15 Lakh rupees and were successful in getting 1 Lakh. 

Actress arrested for blackmailing actor Subhash Yadav

According to reports by Pune Mirror, the accused actress and Subhash were involved in a case where the latter was arrested on grounds of sexual harrassing the former, in Wanawadi. The two were reportedly working on a film, and the actor developed a liking for the actress. 

She failed to reciprocate it when Subhash harassed her. She filed a complaint and the actor again forced her to withdraw the complaint. He was then arrested by the police under for sexual harassment under sections 354 (A) and 341 of the Indian Penal Code. 

Later, the Marathi Film Industry intervened and asked the Subhash to apologize, and this was filmed by another actress, which was used to blackmail him. He claimed that the two actresses asked him to pay 15 Lakh in order to return the video, and he filed a case with the police. 

Police confirmed to the Pune Mirror that the two actresses had indeed made the demand for Rs 15 lakh and have already received Rs 1 lakh.