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Actor Vivekh talks about the exam results

Actor Vivekh, who is known for both his acting and for being someone with social awareness, had posted a video on Twitter today. This video was targeted at the students of class 12 and their parents who were eagerly awaiting the exam results. Vivekh, in his video, touched upon quite a few important things. He said:

This is for you, parents of those class 12 students. More than exams, what is important is their healthy and happy living. Never compare students with other students based on their marks. Also, these marks are not everything and it is just a part of your life. In fact, there was one student who was put down for being less intelligent during his school days by his teachers. But his mother kept faith in him and he continued to study in the same school. Today he is known to be the one who invented the light bulb and many other great inventions. His name is Thomas Alva Edison. So never judge a student by his marks. With this life doesn’t end. As Vivekananda said ‘Arise, Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached’.


He also quoted Thiruvalluvar’s sayings and touched upon APJ Abdul Kalam’s words on failure and success being a part and parcel of life.