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Filming for the film Viduthalai is currently underway around Dindigul.

Actor vijay sethupathi portions wrapped in viduthalai

Following the National Award winning director Vetrimaran's 'Asuran' and 'Paavakkataikal'  films, 'Viduthalai' is being developed with actor Suri and Vijay Sethupathi in the lead. Vetrimaran is working with musician Ilayaraja for the first time through this film. The release is based on the short story by Jayamohan'.

Actor vijay sethupathi portions wrapped in viduthalai

The film stars actor Vijay Sethupathi as Vathiyar, a Naxalite militant. Gautham Menon plays an important role. Suri plays the cop. Velraj ISC is doing cinematography for this film. Jackie serves as art director. Peter Hein serves as the fight scene director. The film is being produced by RS Infotainment producer Elred Kumar.

Actor vijay sethupathi portions wrapped in viduthalai

Earlier, the main shoot of the release film was shot in Satyamangalam, Dindigul Sirumalai and Panruti area. In this situation, the final shooting of the release film has recently started in Dindigul. Most of the scenes in this film take place in the woods.

Actor vijay sethupathi portions wrapped in viduthalai

In this case, breaking information has been received from credible sources about the shooting of the release film. Accordingly, it is said that all the scenes involving Vijay Sethupathi in the film have been shot. It is said that scenes involving Suri and Bhavani Sri will be shot next. The scenes are said to be filmed in the hilly areas near Dindigul. The film is said to have director Gautam Menon in an honorary role as a police officer and another director Balaji Sakthivel in a pivotal role. Total filming is said to be completed by June 5th. According to reports, the film is also slated to be released by Pan India.



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Actor vijay sethupathi portions wrapped in viduthalai

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