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Director Lokesh Kanagaraj responds to questions from fans on Twitter.

Actor shanthanu question lokesh about bhargav character

After a gap of four years, Kamal Haasan starrer Vikram released on June 3 in 5 languages ​​worldwide. The film is directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. Composed by Anirudh and produced by Kamal's Rajkamal Films. Along with Kamal, Vijay Sethupathi and Fahadh Faasil also play crucial roles. Expectations from the very beginning for this film have fulfilled it after its release and delighted the fans. It is reported that Vikram has collected huge sums all over India and abroad.

Actor shanthanu question lokesh about bhargav character

Producer & actor Kamal Haasan has gifted a 'Lexus' car to director Lokesh Kanagaraj following the success of Vikram. This car is the premium brand of the famous Toyota company in Japan. The Lexus sedan is priced between Rs 60 lakh and Rs 70 lakh in Chennai. The photo related to this went viral on the internet. The director also gifted motorbikes to 13 of Lokesh's assistants.

In response to this, Lokesh Kanagaraj created a hashtag #AskDirlokesh for the fans in response to the Twitter live question about Vikram's film. Many of these asked Lokesh a number of questions. One of the fans said, "How did the character of Arjun Das, who died in prison, come alive in Vikram? Can't believe it." In response, Lokesh said, "Only his jaw was broken and, so there will be a stitch in his face in Vikram's. This will be explained further in Kaithi 2."

Actor shanthanu question lokesh about bhargav character

Following this, actor Shantanu tweeted to director Lokesh, asking, "Is there a chance that the Bhargav character I played in your Multiverse will come back?" This tweet is currently receiving a lot of attention. He played the role of Bargav in the MASTER film directed by Lokesh. It is noteworthy that the character Bharghav was killed in the film.

Actor shanthanu question lokesh about bhargav character


பிரேக்கிங் சினிமா செய்திகள், திரை விமர்சனம், பாடல் விமர்சனம், ஃபோட்டோ கேலரி, பாக்ஸ் ஆபிஸ் செய்திகள், ஸ்லைடு ஷோ, போன்ற பல்வேறு சுவாரஸியமான தகவல்களை தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கு கிளிக் செய்யவும்      


Actor shanthanu question lokesh about bhargav character

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